December 4, 2020


(c) J. Singh, 2016

Abiding in the ethereal realms where Time and Space doesn't exist, the soul paid obeisance to its Creator. The Light shone brightly, and the soul was given its task and endowed with a divine gift.

The soul began its search for the beings that would become its parents in the realm of action. Many couples were considered before it decided on the pair that it would be born to. The Creator revealed to the soul who these other souls were. There had been many previous lives, with many different relationships, for several hundred years into the past and beyond.  They had met in many lifetimes, and were about to do so again, just as friends fondly gather after a long absence. The days of its Earthly life were written down, as was the day of its departure from the realm of action. And then, the soul was sent to perform its duty.

As the moment of its departure arrived, the soul began to feel the pain of separation from the eternal bliss of being in unity with the Creator. But, obeying the Law, it sadly departed to fulfill its duty, clinging tightly to the meditative remembrance of the Creator Lord.

As it entered into the developing fetus, the soul began its journey in the Earthly realm. Night and day, in every moment, suspended upside-down in its mother's womb, the soul meditated continuously on the perfect Creator Lord, and obtained peace and tranquility. The Lord kept the new life safe amidst the fires of the womb for nine months, and in the tenth month, the child was born.

The mother held the infant close to her breast, as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. The mother and father doted on the child, and tended to his every need. They watched over him night and day, changed his diapers, nursed and fed him, taught him, and supported him as he grew.

Slowly, as the days, weeks, and months passed, the child started exploring the world around him, learned language and communication, identified himself as a separate being, distinct from others in the world, and formed emotional bonds and connections with his father and mother, and friends and relatives. His meditative remembrance of his Creator gradually diminished, and he slowly forgot about the Lord.

The child became involved in the material aspects of the world, enchanted with toys and food and playtime. He cried when he felt emotionally upset. He enjoyed the tender embrace from his mother, and felt safe in her arms. She was his protector and provider. Slowly, gradually, he forgot where he had come from.

As he grew, he made friends, played with other children, experienced emotions, felt anger, happiness, jealousy, greed, remorse, pity, compassion, and many other emotions that he could not always understand.

His body and brain developed, and eventually he entered puberty, and the surging rush of hormones sent him tumbling headlong into a confusing and exhilarating time. He was overwhelmed with lust and spent the majority of his time attempting to get noticed in a favorable manner by members of the opposite sex. His mind was completely occupied with the object of mating. In the process, the days of his life were passing, and he had still not remembered his origin and purpose.

Eventually, he became engaged, and got married. He was still struggling with his identity, his sense of self, his reason for being, his purpose. But it was pleasurable and all-consuming to be engrossed in wedded life. So he forgot about the questions that arose from deep inside him, as he busied himself with the honeymoon, the new job, the promotion, the house, and vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

He was totally entrenched in the world, completely blinded by the materialism of the physical realm, and he began to believe in his own limitations. He falsely associated his self with his physical body. He believed that he was alone, isolated from the rest of the Universe, and that his body defined his being. He began to lament his situation in life. As time wore on, he noticed that he was getting older, and his body was starting to show signs of slowing down. Gray hairs began appearing. He was not as fast as he used to be. Younger men starting beating him at everything from tennis to business. He began to experience problems in his relationships. Failures in his career. A deep sense of doubt about his entire life crept into his mind and awareness, and even though it was nagging at him just in the periphery of his notice, it wouldn't go away. His ego was suffering. He still hadn't heeded that small, still voice deep inside that was asking him what his life was for. Asking him what his purpose was. Why was he here? He found it difficult to cope with life's difficulties and problems. He became depressed and lonely. He tried to cope with his problems by engaging in self-destructive behaviors. Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Reckless behavior. But that did not give him any peace. Nothing abated the pain and the aching emptiness that he felt deep within himself.

The numbered days of his life were becoming shorter. But he was still blind to the reality of his existence. He lamented his situation and became consumed by his problems and addictions.His wife eventually divorced him. This sent a searing pain through his being. He felt emotionally devastated. He felt like a failure. Worthless. He went to therapy. It did not bring about any startling revelations.After lots of vague promises and false starts, he quit therapy. Ultimately, it did not help him. He could not focus at work, he eventually lost his highly-paid job, his house, and his career was plummeting in a downward spiral. He moved into a small one-bedroom apartment and pondered his life. He was in his forties. He wondered what he was doing on this Earth. He still had not remembered his Creator Lord.

One day he was approached by a concerned friend. This friend took him to a gathering of spiritual people. Everyone was so serene and calm and peaceful. He sat down, a broken man, the result of a lifetime's pursuit of the pleasure of the senses. The spiritual guide encouraged him to look within. He could not see anything. The layers of materialism were thick and well established. It was an extremely difficult task for him to realize the illusion of the material world. Almost impossible.

The spiritual guide gave him instruction and exhorted him to follow it. But it was too difficult. He left the group, and returned to the world of materialism. More alcohol and more drugs. He was in intense pain. His body started to break down from the continued abuse. He fell sick. The doctors prescribed medications. He had to take several medicines daily just to be able to get through the day. Then his parents passed away, one right after the other. He grieved. He was alone in this life. He suffered through torturous days and nights. Now in his fifties, he was clearly aware that life was declining fast. Still he was gripped tightly by lust. He engaged in lust again and again to escape the pain. It provided a temporary numbness, but after the momentary orgasmic pleasure was gone the dark blackness of loneliness and regret returned. He lamented his life.

The small, still voice within became very faint. He could not hear it anymore. He was lost in the illusion. Tricked by Maya, the grand illusion of materialism, he didn't realize the truth about his existence.

The spiritual guide found him, years later, lying in a hospital bed, on death's doorstep. He held his hand as he wheezed and struggled to breathe. From sunken, regret-filled eyes, he peered up at the sage. He begged to know where he had gone wrong. What had happened to his life? This was not the way it was supposed to be. The guide shook his head sadly and showed him how to look inside. He had a gift. A beautiful, unique, singular gift. Something that only he could do. And his duty had been to give that gift to world in love. But he had failed to recognize it. He had failed to acknowledge his Creator. And he had squandered this human life in vain. Now he lay in bed, fighting for his last breaths. He didn't want to die. Not like this. But his body was failing. His strength was gone. He was close to the end of his Earthly journey.

With the spiritual guide, he prayed. He cried out to his Creator, like a child cries to its parents. He begged forgiveness. Awareness dawned on him. All those wasted hours, days, weeks, months, and years. All the while, that small, still voice inside him had been trying to tell him to begin the most important work of his life, the reason for his being on this Earth, his purpose for existing. But he had ignored it. He had been lost in sensual pursuits and masking the emotional pain of his life. And this was the result.

He vowed to do his part, even if only for the last few hours he had in this world, while he lay in the hospital bed. With assistance, he propped himself up and began work on the first project that engaged his God-given talents. He labored in great difficulty and enormous pain, but the fulfillment he felt was immeasurable. He was smiling through the agony as he worked.

He did not die that day. It was not his time yet. Against all odds, he recovered, albeit slowly. But he had a renewed passion for life. The guide visited him every day, and together they sat and the guide showed him how to clear the layers of ego that had covered up the essence of his true self for so long. He learned to become still, go within, and connect with his inner being. He learned to meditate, to pray, and to reach out to the Creator Lord. He found bliss in these meditations and he continued them as a daily practice.

When he was strong enough, the perplexed doctors discharged him from the hospital with strict instructions not to touch any form of alcohol or drugs. He assured them that he wouldn't. He had a new lifestyle. He ate healthy, life-sustaining foods. He exercised, and took care of his body and mind, so that he could continue to work on those projects that enabled him to give his gift to the world. In Love. He smiled more. He became more compassionate. He helped those less fortunate than himself. With the guide, he went to support groups for alcoholics to speak with them and offer them hope. He began participating in the gathering of spiritual people, and he learned even more from them. He offered his life story as a source for inspiration to thousands of people. He found deep fulfillment in life from serving others. And a deep sense of contentment and satisfaction.

Decades later, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. The soul exited the body and made its way through the long and treacherous journey to the court of the resplendent Lord. There, its account was read out, and its merits and demerits were counted and weighed. Having learned its lessons in the Earthly realm, it had completed its task. In the end, it was deemed to have fulfilled its mission, and it was merged back into the Light from whence it had come.It returned to the eternal bliss of its origin, and remained eternally absorbed in loving devotional meditation of its Creator.