December 6, 2020

Epilogue I

(c) J. Singh, 2016

The gravely wounded lion lay silently in the grass, motionless. Bleeding. Noticing his absence, the hyenas and jackals ventured out from hiding, and saw that the King of the Jungle was reigning no more. They began to cackle with laughter. Emboldened further, they strutted around in broad daylight, menacing and threatening anyone who came in their way.

They roamed the jungle with no one to oppose them, and they drank the blood of the innocent. Who will protect you now? they taunted, It is our rule now! Bow to us! Your savior is dead!

The jackal set himself up as king, and made the hyena his general. They made all the animals pay obeisance to them, while they abused and exploited the inhabitants of the land.

When the other animals protested, they viciously attacked them. And to quell any further rebellion, they made a show of dragging all the animals to where the wounded lion lay. Let everyone witness the futility of their efforts! Let them cast eyes upon their once-savior, useless and hopeless. The jackal and the hyena wanted to demoralize them and to defeat them.

Look! they screamed loudly, pointing at the prostrate figure on the ground, the Lion is dead! Your savior is no more! WE are your saviors now!

And all the animals of the jungle fell into a deep despair. They hung their heads and returned to their homes, defeated and despondent.

But the Lion was not dead.

He was only sleeping . . .