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(c) J. Singh, 2018 The artist gets ready for the role he is about to play. With a smile, he dons his mask and the clothes for his part. He waits his turn,


(c) J.Singh, 2017 The monk sat, silently absorbed in the deepest meditation. He was the picture of serenity, a calm relaxed expression upon his face. But inside, a fierce battle raged. He


(c) J.Singh, 2018 Awan Becenti turned his teary eyes up to his mother. “Mama, please,” he begged, as he tugged on her hand. But she stood resolutely in the middle of the


(c) J.Singh, 2017 Harjinder Kaur tapped the blank notepad on her desk with her pen in a slow rhythm. She was lost in thought. It had been several months since she had


(c) J.Singh, 2018 “I dunno,” Harmeet Singh looked at himself in the mirror with a considerable measure of doubt. The image before him didn’t seem to be his own, the turban


(c) J. Singh, 2016 When she was born, her parents named her Sifat Kaur. As babies come, she was exceptionally beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that everyone doted on her, from friends and